Education and research appointments

  • 2017 – ongoing: Independent Evaluator and writer, Art Night.

Art Night is London’s largest contemporary free arts festival. I supervise the whole evaluation process, from designing the framework, to writing the surveys, entering and analysing data, writing up the reports and collaborating with the design team to make it as clear and accessible as possible.

  • 2013 – 2017: Ph.D. in Philosophy, awarded without corrections, Paris 8 University.

Title: “Drone warfare: an immune system?”

Abstract: My thesis explores drone warfare as the symptom of a shift to immunity, as imagined by political philosopher Roberto Esposito. Studying bodies in the drone apparatus from a Foucauldian perspective, I show that bodies’ relation to space and law reveals new relationships of power aiming at eliminating a threat by identifying patterns of terrorism.

Committee: Pr Muhamedin Kullashi, Thesis Supervisor (Paris 8 University, Philosophy), Dr Claudia Aradau (KCL, International Politics), Pr Jean-François Bert (Lausanne University, Philosophy), Pr Fabienne Brion (KU Leuven, Law), Pr Patrice Vermeren (Paris 8 University, Philosophy).

  • 2016 (March-April): Junior Visiting Fellow, University of California, Berkeley.

Within the department of Philosophy and under the supervision of Pr Hans Sluga, I worked on the relationship between truth and power; I used the Edward Snowden scandal as a case study.

  • 2015 – 2017 : Project Manager for Artraker CIC, London.
  • 2015 (April-June): Junior Visiting Fellow, Queen Mary University of London.

Within the Centre for the study of the History of Political thought, I worked on the relationship between drones and the political economy of democracies. Under the supervision of Dr Isobel Roele, lecturer in Law.

  • 2013 – 2014: Visiting Research Fellowship, University of Auckland.

On a university exchange as part of my Ph.D. I worked with students from the departments of Philosophy and European Studies. This was done under the supervision of Jean-Jacques Courtine, professor of anthropology.

  • 2009 – 2010: Master of Arts and Politics with merits. Goldsmiths, University of London.

“The Politics and Representations of Space in The Wire”. I completed a dissertation that analysed the television show The Wire and its relationship to Michel Foucault’s theories of power and researched the link between space and violence in post-industrial cities. My dissertation was supervised by Dr Anca Pusca, Senior lecturer in International Studies.

  • 2008 (January-June): Erasmus scholarship. University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.
  • 2006-2009: BA in Cultural Studies with merits. Lille 3 University.


  • 2017: Evaluation report. Art Night 2018.
  • 2018: Evaluation report, Paper Planes.
  • 2017: Evaluation report. Art Night 2017.
  • 2017: Internal report (not published). ‘The development unicorn: how to assess and evaluate socially engaged art”, British Council.
  • 2017: Conference report. “The Art of Resilience: Creativity, Courage and Renewal”, Session 573 of the Salzburg Global Seminar. [Available at]
  • 2017: Article. ‘Drone warfare and bodies on the ground: a shift to immunity’ submitted to Security Dialogue, awaiting peer review.
  • 2014: Book review. Andre Vltchek and Noam Chomsky, On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare. Pluto Press, London, 2013.

[Available at]

  • 2015: Book review. Mark Neocleous. War Power, Police Power. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 2014.

[Available at]

Teaching experience

  • 2016 – ongoing: Special Lecturer in politics for the MA Applied Imagination, Central St Martins, University of Arts London.
  • 2010-2015: Private tutoring; Philosophy, French as a foreign language, English as a foreign language, History of Art, History, Geography.
  • 2013-2014: French as a foreign language for a group of 10 to 15 adults, beginners to intermediate.



  • “Discourses of truth: Parrhesia, and the Snowden Case”, March 23, 2018, Culture and Enterprise Programme, Central Saint Martins.
  • “Drone Warfare: a shift to immunity”, December 4, 2017, MA Innovation Management, Central Saint Martins.
  • “Safe spaces and the public sphere”, Steamhack, March 23-24, 2017, Culture and Enterprise Programme, Central Saint Martins.
  • “Three layers of truth”: Parrhesia and the Snowden Case. Humanities and Social Sciences Networking Social. March 16, 2016, UC Berkeley, United States.
  • “You’ve never been to war!”: on the legitimacy to talk about contemporary warfare at ‘Mind the Gap’, a research workshop on discourse analysis, New Materialisms and the practice turn in the social sciences, Warwick University. June 12, 2015, UK.
  • The soldier’s body: a genealogy of disexposure in the research seminar of the department of European Studies, Auckland University. September 18, 2014, New-Zealand.
  • Michel Foucault and drone warfare in the graduate seminar of the department of philosophy, Auckland University. September 17, 2014, New-Zealand.
  • Genealogy of Disexposure: war without humans at the AAP 2014 Conference, Australian National University. July 6-11 2014, Canberra, Australia.
  • Reading Foucault in 2013: the military doctrine of immunity at the NZAAP 2013 conference, University of Auckland. December 8-12 2013, New-Zealand.
  • Distance and proximity in the work of Michel Foucault at the ASFS 2013 conference, University of Queensland. December 8-11 2013, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Reading Foucault in 2013: the demand for truth at the ASCP 2013 conference, University of Western Sydney. December 3-5 2013, Australia.
  • War without Humans at the Beyond Humanism Network 5th Conference, Università Degli Studi Roma Tre. September 11-15 2013, Italy.
  • Psychiatric Power in Times of War at the Doctoral school practice and theory of the meaning, Paris 8 University, October 6,
  • The Politics and Representations of Space in ‘The Wire’ at the Graduate school of North-American studies 4th Conference, Freie Universitat Berlin. May 27-28 2011, Germany.

Professional affiliations

  • 2017 – ongoing: member of Women Who, an organisation for working women in London.
  • 2017 – ongoing: Jeune member of Marguerite, an organisation for women in the arts.
  • 2016 – ongoing: Association for Political Theory.
  • 2016 – ongoing: Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought.

Community Involvement

  • July 2017 – ongoing: Head of Research and Development for Dispatch FMI, an intersectional feminist moving image curatorial practice and online platform with a focus on works created by women.
  • March 2017 – September 2018: Head of Outreach and Participation for Art Night, London’s largest free contemporary arts festival.
  • September 26, 2015: Awarded “Judges’ favourite” prize at PeaceHackLdn, a two-day hackathon at Google Campus in London. Creation of “Guernica”, a platform to showcase and support artists living in conflict zones.
  • February 2014 – September 2014: Co-administrator for the University of Auckland’s Women in Philosophy Group, dedicated to improving diversity within the field of philosophy.
  • December 2012 – June 2013: Organisation committee member for the D. students’ conference at Paris 8 University.
  • September 2012 – November 2012: Co-founder and co-editor of Vortex, a magazine aimed at publishing young photographers’ and illustrators’ work.
  • January – April 2012: Media Education Intern in an elementary school: teaching the correct use of the internet, texts and photo editing, and set-up of a mixed-media exhibition of the children’s works.


  • French: Native level.
  • English: Fluent level.
  • Spanish: Conversational level.
  • Arabic: Beginner level.


  • June 2016 – September 2017: workshops at, an organization aiming to enable underrepresented groups to learn programming.
  • Microsoft Office, Open Office.
  • Windows / OS X.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript : Intermediate level.